CBS NEWS | Top Photogs Pitch In To Help Foster Kids

Posted on Dec 14, 2013 in Press



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CBS NEWS | Top Photogs Pitch In To Help Foster Kids

Posted on Mar 27, 2013 in Press

CBS NEWS | Top Photogs Pitch In To Help Foster Kids

Some leading photographers are using their talent to try to help foster kids find homes.

As Early Show correspondent Benno Schmidt reports, the photographers are focusing on the kids in a project dubbed “Heart Gallery,” shooting portraits that are widely displayed.

Schmidt says many of the kids Heart Gallery tries to help are older — and the older they are, the less likely it is they’ll be adopted.

Jazzie, 15, is one of the Heart Gallery kids.

She attends church, Schmidt says, looking not just for the comfort of song and prayer, but for something more, something many take for granted — a family.

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NBC | Picture Perfect Adoption

Posted on Aug 26, 2005 in Press

NBC | Picture Perfect Adoption

NBCProfessional photographers are used to taking pictures of the privileged — models, actors, athletes and other celebrities.

Jeffrey Salter typically shoots for Sports Illustrated and Us Weekly.  But one April afternoon in New Jersey, the photo shoot focused on children up for adoption.

“We as photographers have been given a gift you know we travel around the world documenting kings, queens, celebrities. But here’s a chance for us to give a gift back,” says Salter.

Salter is one of 150 volunteer photographers taking pictures of kids in need of parents.  With the help of talented artists like him, these children get the chance to show off their true colors.

The numbers are hard to hear. Nearly 130,00 children in the U.S. public welfare system are waiting to be adopted. Most are eight-years-old, or even older.  These older children are among the hardest to place.  Many passed from home to home, enduring neglect, indifference and sometimes violence.  The older the children get the more challenging it is because it seems that most of the families want smaller children.

The volunteers capture the essence of the more than 3,000 New Jersey children currently up for adoption.  All of the portraits go to an exhibit called Heart Gallery.

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NY TIMES | Show Them a ‘Take Me Home’ Face

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